TAKE BACK CONTROL with a customized IT STRATEGY that fits your budget.

We are results oriented.

Meet Bluheeler, your new vCIO. Our platform maximizes your technology investments, providing the guidance needed for IT strategy, budgets, and reporting.


Your vCIO will collaborate to define a blueprint for a long-term technical strategy through a roadmap. The roadmap is used as a guide during meetings to ensure that ongoing discussions are in alignment with prioritized business objectives.

Roadmaps also ensure all stakeholders understand why recommendations are being made, and are used as a conduit for forecasting budgets, hardware lifecycle planning, and charting the execution of objectives and future plans.


Bluheeler onboarding and ongoing vCIO strategy incorporates foundational assessments to identify misalignments to best practices and pre-audit assessments for compliance baselining.

A wide range of hardware, software, and reporting integrated with Bluheeler enables the attainment of technical controls as it relates to compliance standards such as HIPAA and PCI. If these frameworks do not apply to your business, your vCIO may suggest aligning to general standards for cybersecurity.

Our approach

A Trusted Partnership

A vCIO moves from being a technical resource to becoming a strategic business partner, building relationships with clients and providing strategic direction. The foundation for a sustainable vCIO relationship is the in-depth understanding of your business.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

To get a more comprehensive view of how IT services support you, the Bluheeler team will discuss business goals, challenges, risks, core values, competitors, competitive advantages, market positions, and profit margins. With a better understanding of these areas, your vCIO will be prepared to provide strategic IT direction in the context of your business.

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