You Deserve Real Support

Bluheeler pinpoints problems and is capable of responding automatically to enhance security, streamline support, and improve the overall end-user experience.

True 24/7 Remote Support

Comprehensive, senior-level incident support is provided from an always-available technical support team. Requesting support via phone or ticket is effortless. There are no limits to the number of support calls and tickets that can be made. Users are supported by certified, experienced, full-time specialists who understand business needs. We have two simple aims: to provide quick, no-escalation-required resolutions, and a personalized experience.

Proactive Automation

Development specialists within Bluheeler seek to create the necessary components to automate routine or essential tasks such as certain software installs, monitoring tools, and remediation scripts. The ability for Bluheeler to automatically detect or resolve an issue before it becomes service impacting gets continually stronger with time. When the Bluheeler support team solves a problem once and in turn creates an automation, the team can leverage the opportunity to push the solution to all end-user devices where the situation applies.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Bluheeler monitors real-time performance and is aware of issues like low disk space, high CPU, low memory and network latency. Knowing about issues before they become disruptive to your business is important. When the support of an individual device is necessary, the support team can perform preliminary troubleshooting and even provide resolution without interrupting end-user productivity. When full remote access is required, users can maintain privacy and ensure visibility when the support team requests to connect.

Device Visibility

Bluheeler audits the inventory of hardware and software installed on a device. As consecutive audits are performed, changes to the hardware and software are tracked in a change log. Bluheeler is capable of delivering an in-depth understanding of the technology environment with an array of reporting and audit features. Historical data uncovers trends in performance to help in finding patterns for effective troubleshooting.

Network Operations

Bluheeler analysts are able to quickly identify performance bottlenecks, understand which network services are being used the most, and see if the server is causing any problems or if the network itself is at fault. Automated monitoring serves up network infrastructure alerts and ongoing device configuration backups reduces risk.

Is Bluheeler right for your business?