Everything to keep you secure, at a glance

Bluheeler is an innovative approach to IT security, integrating world-class prevention, threat detection, and resolution technologies into a unified platform. Bluheeler is a perfect companion for IT departments, saving them time, stress, & money.

Intuitive design

Let your data tell you a story, with easy sidebar navigation, contrasting colors and interactive visuals.

Real Time Updates

Your integrated dashboard is the key to monitoring alerts & insights gathered from multiple services.

Device Visibility

Stay on top of your network, users, and device activities. Roll based monitoring

Easily discover important insights

Imagine how much more you can achieve with an IT partner keeping your technology safe & secure.

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Integrated Dashboard

Stop managing multiple portals to retrieve and monitor important notifications. Bluheeler integrates your entire security suite into a single easy to manage web-based portal.

Behavior Tracking

The best firewalls are no match for uninformed or malicious employees. Stay on top of your employee's bad practices with trend analysis and training reports.

Tag Alerts by Groups, Roles, or Managers

Tags provide context to your data. Group employees, devices, locations to provide deeper insight, manage alert levels, and track behavior. The possibilities are endless.

Everything you need, integrated

Bluheeler provides the necessary suite of services to combat modern cyber-security threats.

SIEM + SOC | Event Tracking


DNS Filtering


Unified Dashboard


Dark Web Monitoring


Vulnerability Scans




MDR Threat Hunting




Network Collector


External Exposure Scans


Also Including

Employee Training Toolkit


Virtual Security Consultant


Behavior Testing


Budget Friendly Pricing

Internal Experts


avg salary of an SOC analyst



per device*

*$42 is the price per computer.  Network devices and servers cost extra. Onboarding fees apply.

*According to Sophos.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries do you support?

Our platform supports most of the computer and software platforms commonly found through out all industries.

Do you offer enterprise pricing?

The transparent pricing model was designed to easily scale for small and large businesses. Contact us to learn more about pricing.

What support is included?

Along with real-time insights and automation from the portal, the Bluheeler team offers a secondary layer of human support.

Do you support small businesses?

Absolutely! We're able to provide world-class enterprise security for companies with as few as 20 users or devices.

Do I need any hardware?

Along with the portal, your Bluheeler subscription includes a firewall sized for your business and a network collector. That's all!

Will Bluheeler lower my cyberinsurance rates?

Cyber insurance is increasingly harder to get! Bluheeler's security suite may provide insurable protection, often with lower rates.

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An In-depth Guide for Modern IT Security

The post-covid workplace has enough challenges, cybersecurity shouldn’t be one of them! The Bluheeler Team put together an easy-to-use resource guide full of best practices, strategies, and recent cyberattack intel.